How to destroy an American family

Since 2010, the Straters have been under assault from an online campaign of ever-increasing harassment—prank deliveries, smear attacks, high-profile hacks, and threats of violence against schools and law enforcement officials in their name—and it’s slowly torn them apart. Masterminding it all, Blair charges, is a teenage computer hacker from Finland, at war with him over a seemingly minor dispute spun completely out of control.

His family is just collateral damage.

How activists of color lose battles against Facebook’s moderator army

At a time when Facebook is under the microscope for failing to stop harassment and the spread of fake news, it also faces another problem: The social media giant’s reporting policies punish minority users in a variety of ways.

The plight of Muslim Republicans in the Trump era

In a matter of months, however, the inflammatory rhetoric of Trump and other GOP candidates has undone years of work by Muslims like Ahmed to repair the damage the Republican Party's post-9/11 actions have done to its brand among American Muslims. A survey by the Council on American-Islamic Relations shows only 11 percent of American Muslims identify as Republicans. Even among Muslims who label themselves conservative, just over two-thirds say they belong to, or lean toward, the Democratic party.

Anti-Muslims sentiment is nothing new in the Republican party. But with his nativist rhetoric, proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the country, and a willingness to entertain the idea of mandatory ID cards for Muslims, Trump is forging a future of the Republican Party that categorically excludes Muslims.

The loneliness of the long-distance drone pilot

For a moment, [Col. Bruce] Black had lost himself over the skies of Afghanistan. He was nowhere near the combat area, nowhere near the soldiers whose lives he had been tasked with guarding. In actuality, Black had been sitting in an ergonomic chair in a room that resembled nothing so much as a shipping container at Creech Air Force Base, about a 45-minute drive northwest of his home in Las Vegas.

Riding high, crashing hard: A cautionary tale of Facebook dependence

U.S. Uncut had grown from a protest bulletin to a factory for activist memes to a successful media company, but was at the mercy of Facebook and its ever-evolving algorithm the whole time. The rise and fall of U.S. Uncut – told through firsthand accounts and court documents from the trademark legal battle – show how Facebook is a powerful force that shapes media and its visibility.

Provost may have ridden Facebook’s wave to viral success, but he no more owned that wave than a surfer owns the ocean.

Living life cursed by technology

About a year and a half ago, his illness evolved. The same things that had sent him into a downward spiral for decades were still there, but something else began affecting his health—the electromagnetic signals upon which virtually all modern technology is built. From cellphones to Wi-Fi, most consumer technology rests on an invisible foundation of electrical signals wafting through the air.

Robots are writing erotic fanfiction about Taye Diggs as a space dinosaur

The bots, automated computer programs designed to take in information from other Twitter users and then spit out responses based on pre-determined algorithms, weren't specifically intending to sniff out the star of How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Instead, a combination of Diggs's truly bizarre social media strategy and a network of absurdist bots working in tandem managed to create one of the greatest things to ever happen on the Internet.

I Bought Fake Job References On The Internet — And It Worked

I know virtually nothing about accounting. I’m not a CPA. I’ve never actually worked at Thomas, Pickford & Thomas. In fact, Thomas, Pickford & Thomas doesn’t even exist. Everything about the firm, from its website to Mr. Ford, is part of a phony career services package I purchased on the Internet—for a mere $150. And it’s shockingly effective.

Behind The No-Budget YouTube Series That Changed The Face Of Horror 

At the core of Marble Hornets is the idea that a meme can be scary. A meme, let loose into the real world, can do real damage, like a vampire or a killer tomato...Good horror takes the abstract things that scare us in the real world and makes them physical. Zombies are the manifestation of our fear of huge crowds; Godzilla is the manifestation of an unease about humanity spending hundreds of years mucking up the planet.

Marble Hornets is about our fear of the Internet. It’s about our fear of constantly being surveilled and recorded without really ever knowing why. It’s about increasingly relying on electronic tools to make sense of the world for us without really understanding how they work, or even if they work.

Inside The Twisted World Of The Internet's Priciest Fetish

If a fetish is the addition of an erotic edge to something otherwise completely asexual, then...[financial domination] may just be the fetish that best encapsulates our particular historical moment. In an era of global recessions and widespread online snooping that’s given millions of people around the world a sense of losing control—maybe paying someone to access your innermost secrets, which they then use to extort money from you—is just tapping into the cultural zeitgeist and then masturbating to it.

Fear And Thanksgiving For The Woman Who Settles Syrian refugees In The U.S.

One day after the House of Representatives passed legislation meant to make it considerably more difficult for families fleeing Syria's destructive civil war to come to the United States, and two days after a mortar shell reduced her cousin's home in Damascus to rubble, Corine Dehabey drove to an airport in Toledo, Ohio, to welcome a family of Syrian refugees to America.

The Art Of A College Education: Getting Schooled At The Academy Of Art University

In the past two decades, the Academy of Art has grown 10 times in size to nearly 20,000 students and administrators are pushing for more: a recent school master plan projects a student population of nearly 25,000 within five years, roughly the same number of undergraduates who attend the University of California at Berkeley. It is the only arts school in the nation with both NCAA basketball and baseball teams.

One Tweet About Trump, Sartre, And Furry Bondage Porn Encapsulates The Internet In 2015

Everything you could ever want to know about today's online world is contained somewhere in this tweet. It shows how content is distributed, monetized, remixed, and monetized again. It lays bare the Internet's cross-platform dance of irony and sexuality. It demonstrates the ability of celebrity culture to unify the highbrow and the low.

Please, you have to be Sexy Donald Trump for Halloween this year

I woke up one morning, I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up one morning when I was 12 or 13. It was winter in New York, a blanket of snow had covered the city, and I remember looking out the window and feeling something suddenly break inside me. It was as if someone had pulled the stopper out of a full bathtub and the water was swirling out… I don’t know exactly, just an emptiness.