My name is Aaron Sankin. I am a reporter living in Seattle, WA covering online extremism, civil rights, tech policy, and the ongoing tribulations of America's largest adult sons. Trust me on this one, these lads are absolute units.

I was a founding editor of the Huffington Post's San Francisco bureau. I led the Twitter bots and Air Bud beat as a senior staff writer for the Daily Dot. My work has also appeared in the Washington Post, Salon, Time, The Onion, San Francisco Magazine, The Motley Fool, Mashable, Business Insider, The Week, Medium, Crawdaddy, SF Appeal, The Austin Chronicle, xoJane, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, and Theatre Bay Area.

I know over 1,250 words in English, two in Turkish, and probably a dozen in Spanish. I give fucks about Oxford commas with some regularity. If asked, I can recite the entire alphabet from memory and consider myself a wealth of knowledge about how to run an independent record label into the ground.

In the above picture I'm not really in jail, just visiting.